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The Newest of the News


It has been announced that Adrian Paul and Peter Wingfield confirmed for HLWW6(Highlander WorldWide Convention)  in Sydney which takes place in  April of  2005. They are to appear for questions and autographs on April 29 through May 1.

Peter Wingfield wil also join HLWW on their tour of France to take place in October of 2004. He is scheduled to appear on October 2- October 10 in Paris and environs, Le Havre, and Bordeaux.

 Joel Soissonn has announced that he is planning on directing  a Highlander movie. It will be called Highlander: The Source and it will be the fifth in the Highlander movies. Peter is to play Methos as Adam Pierson. It is unknown as of now when the movie is to be out or even what it is about. Not much has been released concerning the movie. Will keep you updated.


Peter is to appear in the upcoming Catwoman, along side Halle Berry, Benjarmin Bratt, and Peter Williams (played Apophis on SciFi's Stargate SG-1). So for those of you that are Stargate fans  you will you two Goa'ulds for the price of one. Good deal. Well, it is unknown what character he is playing. I can't seem to find it anywhere.





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