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Characters: Elrond
Category: Adult
Warning: Graphic sex commentary
Disclaimer: Elrond is the creation of J.R.R. Tolkien. I am merely
borrowing him for my own amusement. I am not making any money off
this story. None at all. This scenarior is purely fictional. Any
resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. Any
resemblance to other works or characters, except for the case of
Elrond, is purely coincidental.
Summary: It's hard to say without ruining the surprise.


Come out, Elwen. Don't be shy. Yes, you have to come out. I promise I
won't laugh. Now, let me see you.

By the light of the stars, Elwen! You are aptly named "star-maiden."
Your beauty shines like the light of Erendil. Turn around, so I
see more of you. Lovely. You are ever a joy to behold, meleth-nn.
Come sit on the bed. Would you like a glass of wine? No, no. I'll get
it. Just sit there and be beautiful. Here you are, gorgeous. Do you
like it? It's cherry wine. No, it's not their specialty. They
experiment with all kinds of things here. Are you done with that?
That's a remarkable gown you're wearing. Silver really is your color.
It accents your eyes quite nicely. It shows how luscious your hair
really is. I've never seen ladies with such locks-- so full, so dark
and rich. It reminds me of silk. Do you mind if I touch it? I miss
combing my fingers through your hair. You like that, don't you? Then
I'm going to do that a lot more often.

You have a lovely face. I say it often because it's true, precious.
You don't think so? You are far too modest. I find you more and more
alluring by the day. I could never grow tired of looking at you and
touching your face just like this. Because you're different. Your
spirit is different. Your body is different. Like your face. There is
so much strength shown about your brow and cheeks and chin. But your
eyes and mouth are so soft, so tender. There are Elves who can be
either strength or gentleness, but never both at the same time.
Mother? She has the form of a swam but the heart of a lion. That's
because she likes you. But I'm not interested in my mother now. My
mind is on more pressing matters, such as the exquisite beauty before
me. Your lips are as soft as clouds. Can I kiss them? I'm sorry. I
was too forward, wasn't I? Forgive me. I couldn't resist. How long
has it been since you've been kissed? That is far, far too long. Let
me remedy that right now.

Elwen, my dearest, I have something to tell you. It's a good
something, depending on what your heart tells you about it. But first
I owe you an explanation. Otherwise it would seem even more sudden
than it already is. Ever since we first met, I've had the strangest
stirrings in my heart for you. It was as though we had known each
other for a very long time. Not as good friends, but as lovers,
perhaps even husband and wife. I realize this sounds strange and
sudden, but I cannot deny it any longer. You felt the same? So you do
know of what I speak, but I stil feel that I should ask you first.
Elwen, my heart, I would be deeply honored if you would let me make
love to you. It has been my consuming passion since I laid eyes upon
you. What troubles you? Why do you weep? Oh, brave, beautiful,
brilliant Elwen, I will always want you. There, there. Let me kiss
those teardrops from your eyes. Look at me. Lorien himself could not
have created a dream as enticing as you. There. All better? So what's
your answer, love? You do? Are you sure? Alright. Could you help me
out of this gown? Ugh! Thank you. It feels so much better to be free
from this thing. I can't feel anything wrapped up in all that fabric.
Nakedness is so much more to my liking, and from the looks of things,
yours as well. Don't be afraid. Go on. You can touch me there. Do you
like rubbing my breasts and nipples? I'd be delighted if you did

You are gifted with your hands and tongue, meleth-nn. Let me have
your hands for a little while so I can suck and lick each and every
one of those delectable digits on your elegant hands. Did that feel
good? Mmmm. Pardon me. Slip of the tongue, dearest. I knew you'd
catch the pun. You're so adorable when you're clever. Now lie back
and be bonny, lass. You are so fair. I want nothing more than to
devour you from your radiant face to your shapely toes. I want you to
writhe beneath me in ecstasy. I want to make you so drunk on bliss
that you cannot make a coherent thought. It sets my heart afire to
even imagine it. I cannot delay it any longer. I must have you. If
not for my love for you, then at least for the sake of my sanity.
Would I be correct in assuming this is Lady Elwen's first time being
made love to? Nay, I am not disappointed. It pleases me beyond words
to know I shall be the first to initiate my lady to such joy.

Perhaps we should begin with kissing. Delightful. I love kissing you.
I'm eager to discover what else you can do with those lips. When was
the last time you've touched the blossom between the legs of a woman?
Then we shall have to remedy that as well. Make yourself comfortable
between my legs, my luminous star maiden, and rub the petals of my
loth with those talented fingers of yours. Yes, just like that. Ah,
that feels good. Yes, my gentle lady? By all means do. My flower is
ever eager to feel your fingers and lips and tongue. Look how easily
it opens for you.

Ai, Valar! that feels good. Oh, yes. Don't stop. Please, don't stop.
More. Deeper, deeper. Yes! Do you favor kissing and licking my
blossom, dearest? Do you like to suck on the little bud? You love the
taste of my honey on your wicked tongue, don't you? Drink deeply, my
love, for all this is yours. Mmmm, yes, exactly like that. With your
face pressed against my loth you are more enchanting than Luthien
herself. Ai! Aiya! Ah! Oh! oh! Oh, pity. Your rouge is marred. I'm
sorry. Allow me. There; good as new.

Never let it remain unsaid that looks can be deceiving. Here I was,
thinking that I beheld a beautiful, if slightly shy maiden, but then
I am surprised and overwhelmed by the strength of her passion. I
wonder what other surprises she has in store for me. I could never
tire of what you just did, dear Elwen. Nor could I grow weary of what
we are about to do. I have dreamt of nothing else since I landed on
these shores. Come. Lie back. I long to see what treasures lie
beneath this gown. May I remove it?

Magnificent. Utterly magnificent. See? Even the moon and stars cannot
resist kissing and caressing you. I love your smell. You smell of
honey dipped in Dorwinion wine. I love it. I wonder if your taste
compares. Mm, intoxicating. I can get drunk just lying next to you,
light of my life, especially when I taste your lips, your nipples,
and your-- I think we should come back to that in a little while.

Beloved, you have the face of a Maia and the body of a warrior, but
they pale next to your hr [lit. "vigor, readiness for action"]. A
nuissance? Whatever for? Oh, my radiant star, think of it this way.
It's just your body's way of showing your spirit is still strong. And
yours is quite impressive. Speaking of nice, how about showing me how
a nice young maiden like yourself plays with her stem when it gets
hard? Go on. There's no need to be coy. Fascinating. I didn't know
you could stretch that bit of skin like that. Does it hurt? Your gems
are also sensitive to your tender charms, I see. My love, watching
you touch yourself like that, with that expression of utmost rapture
upon your face, overwhelms me with the need to touch you all over. It
makes me want to hold you close to me and never let go. Kiss your
soft, moist lips. Comb my fingers through that silky, silky hair.
Nuzzle the treasures between your legs.

My darling, erotic Elwen, would you be so kind as to allow me to
attempt to please you in your own fashion? All I want you to do,
lovely, is lie back and enjoy. So you take the sheath and rub it just
on the ridge of the head. Like so? Oh, I see. It's much smoother than
using your hand alone. Let's see how smooth it would be if I put some
of my honey on it. Do you like that? Good. Here. Have more. Some for
your telch [lit. "stem"]. And some for your pretty mouth.

Now that your telch has been catered to, let's see what we can do
with these two lovely gems. I've seen how they enjoy being caressed.
Do they like to be licked and sucked too, my lady? Indeed, they do.
They remind me so much of peaches that are not yet ripe: fuzzy and
firm, and slightly cool, though I admit I'd perfer these in my mouth
instead of fruit any day. Perhaps that is what I shall call them from
now on. My peaches. Of course they need names. As Elves, it is our
cosmic duty to name and talk to everything. Isn't that right,

Dear me, it's almost midnight. Time for another appetizer. This hunk
of meat has marinated long enough, don't you think? It's more than
ready, my love, and I'm going to savor each and every tiny morsel of
it. First I'm going to sample just a bit off the top, like this. Mmm,
it has a little spice to it. Then, I'm going to put sauce all over
it, like this. Next, I'll nibble on it gingerly, like this. Finally,
I'll gorge on it in huge gulps, like this. You are so delicious, my
edible Elwen.

More honey, honey? Oooh, my wonderful, wanton Elwen. You know what,
my sweet? If I had a stem and gems, do you know what I would do? I'd
have you sucking me at every opportunity just like you're sucking my
fingers now. Then, when my little death came, you'd swallow my
nectar, wouldn't you? And if you had a blossom, I'd never eat
anything besides your sweet honey. When I wasn't drinking your honey,
do you know what I'd do if I had a stem? I'd never let it leave your
blossom. But for the time being, we must settle for what we were born
with. A very wise sentiment, Elwen. Having been born with our own
devices, we are familiar with them and thus maintain some measure of
control over ourselves. If we were to change, I doubt we would ever
be able to keep our hands off ourselves, let alone each other.

Guess what, darling? There's more. I have a present for you. It's
under the pillow. You'll see. Give the jar to me. Now lie on your
belly and spread your legs. Wider. A little more. Perfect. Your skin
is so smooth, even back here. I can't wait to--

Elwen, you're trembling! What's the matter? Do you want to stop? Are
you afraid it will hurt? Would you like a bath and a massage to help
you relax? Shhh, shhh. I'm right here. You can tell me. What is it?
What are you afraid of, my love? No, no, no. Never. Adorable, amazing
Elwen-- and Elrond too-- I'd never think that of you. You are my
shining star. Everything about you is light and love and beauty. I
want to please you. I know it's hard for you after all you've
suffered across the Sea, but just let yourself be happy, alright? You
won't fall off the edge of the world, and even if you did, I'll be
there to catch you.

Where were we? Ah, yes. We were exploring your own little cavern,
were we not? Are you nervous? Here, take my hand. Relax. I won't go
inside you right now. I only want to stroke you here for a while. Do
you like that? Here, let me make things a little smoother there. It's
not the jar yet. Just more of my honey. Of course I am. This is very,
very arousing. Shhhhh. Only how you feel matters right now.

Are you ready for me, sweetness? Alright. I need to let go of your
hand, but only briefly. It's just a salve that helps relax your
muscles. I remember you had something like it across the Sea. I
probably don't need as much as I'm putting on, but I want to err on
the side of precaution. It's likely better to use too much than too
little. Yes, my hands feel a little tingly too. I'm sure it'll pass.
It's already starting to go. Here's my hand again. Do you wish me to
lie down next to you. It's fine, my beauty. I understand. There was a
first time I had something inside me too. Luckily my first was with
someone caring and gentle and patient. Yes, I wonder. Who could that
have been? I hope I can be the same way with you.

Now, I'm just pushing my little finger in. How does that feel? Does
it hurt? I'm moving it around a little bit. How is that? I'm doing
the same thing with my forefinger. Sounds like you like that a little
better. You're doing great. Here, two kisses for two fingers. Now
you're going to feel my middle finger. Aiya! You're glorious, my
little star. One, two, three kisses. If I'm reading your gently
rocking hips correctly, would I be amiss for believing this feels
good? I can linger here if you like. Oh, Elwen. I wish you could see
how absolutely divine you look right now. Breathe, my love, breathe.
Do you feel the little death coming? Let me know before you do, my
sweet. Ready for something else? It's the thumb's turn. Oh, right.
Your kisses. One, two, three- that's as deep as it will go- four. You
are insatiable. I'll try two fingers next. Here they come. Yes, keep
moving your hips like that. Oh, yes, my love. Faster? Like this? Why
do you whimper so? Am I hurting you? It feels good for me too. Do not
fear. Let them hear. Let them envy. Oooooooh! You're so soft and
warm. And so tight. Remind me to tell you to try this on me sometime.
Elwen! I never knew you even heard of such talk! I wish to hear more
of it. Mmmmm, yes. You feel it coming? Wait! Not yet. I know. I know.
I'm sorry, darling, but I have to take them out so you don't spill
your seed just yet. Turn over on your back.

By the Valar, Elwen, how hard can you get! I can't wait to have you
inside. It's been so long since I've ridden bareback. I need to hold
your hands, so I don't get bucked off. Easy, easy. Hold still for
just one moment while I-- Ai! You feel so good! Meet me halfway, so I
may kiss those luscious lips. Mmmm. I could do this forever. I know,
my love, I know. I don't think I'll last very long ei-- Ah! Yes!
More! Don't stop, my heart! Oh, yes! More! SO FUCKING GOOD! Mmmm,
what? Sure, love, do what you want. Just keep your big, beautiful
cock inside me. Oh, Elrond! Faster! Harder! Deeper! Ai! Oh, fuck.
Here. This will help. Don't listen to me, dearest, keep going. Ah,
you're still loose. Oh my! Sweet Elbereth!

Mmmm. Ai, Valar. Elrond? Not that I'm complaining, but if it's like
this every time you put on a dress, I'm getting you a new wardrobe.
No, it doesn't worry me in the slightest. Besides, I rather like it.
Because it's different, and that's what I like about you. Who cares
what the others think? We're married to each other. I won't say
anything until you want other people to know. Although, we should
probably find a seamstress who can keep a secret, so you can have
some garments made to fit you. Ah, glassen ["You're welcome";
lit. "my joy"]. I fully intend to reap the benefits of this
situation. Melin le ["I love you."], Elrond. And Elwen.


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