The Temple of the Goa'uld Peter
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   Welcome, Welcome.
   This site is devouted to Peter Wingfield. A talented Welsh actor, Peter has had many a television and movie appearence. He has done everythign from drama to sci-fi to comedy. His most common association is with Methos, the oldest living immortal in the world on the hit television show Highlander
    On this site you will find a complete listing of Peter's films and television shows. You will also find a complete biography of this terrific actor. Plus, there are many pics.
     So grab a blanket and something to drink and get ready to soak in the pure goodness of a god.
    P.s. For those of you that use Yahoo!, there is a good group for Peter. It's  Enjoy ;)


I'd like to thank SimLady for the very first picture on the first page. Sorry for any inconvenance.
For Pete's Sake-

Tempting, Very Tempting


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